Site Investigations

GGPGeo offer a variety of site investigation services to contractors and consultants throughout the UK. With over 25 years of experience, our highly qualified and experienced team provide our clients with the professional, cost-effective solutions they need to complete their projects.

Introducing GGPGeo

Offering turnkey Site Investigations, GGPGeo offer a multitude of services to our valued clients, with added control and professionalism brought to all works.

Our Expertise:

  • Window Sampling & Dynamic Probing via tracked Terrier Rig
  • Window Sampling via handheld Hydraulic Power Pack
  • Diamond Coring to concrete floor slabs, brickwork walls, bridge abutments and other concrete structures
  • Handheld Mackintosh Probing via Dynamic Cone Penetrometer
  • Sample Testing for Waste Acceptance and BRE Suites
  • Non-Destructive Testing Schmidt Hammer Tests, Reinforced Concrete Ferroscan and Steelwork Ultrasound
  • CBR Testing using Zorn Lightweight Deflectometer

Dart competitor Mini-Tracked Heavy-Duty Rig

Occupying a small footprint, the compact and extremely versatile Dart Competitor drilling rig is capable of a range of site investigation techniques in areas of restricted space and difficult access, including disturbed and undisturbed sampling, SPT and dynamic probing.

Mounted on a small crawler unit, the rig is lightweight, easily transportable and simple to manoeuvre through tight spaces, causing very little disturbance to its surroundings.

Features include:

  • Percussive sampling method
  • Disturbed and undisturbed sampling
  • Adjustable weight and height to allow SPT and dynamic probing as well as soil sampling
  • Compact crawler mounted design
  • Can be tracked up slopes
  • Ride-on platform
  • Borehole casings to prevent borehole collapse and cross-contamination of samples
  • Quick and efficient
Heavy Duty Dart Rig
Engine Diesel 435cc single cylinder 9 HP. Maximum output 10,0 PS (7.4 kW). Electrical / recoil engine start
Weight 1070kg
Length 2600mm in transport mode
Closed track width 770mm
Maximum track width 1080mm
Height in transport mode 1450mm
Height in sampling mode 3100mm
Noise at 10 metres distance
Average noise whilst idling 71.4dBA
Average noise during sampling 74.3dBA
Peak noise during sampling 94dBA

Premier Modular 100 Rig

The Premier Modular 100 is a specialist lightweight fully dismountable 150kg high performance rig. Its design enables it to be transported to positions with challenging access that would be impossible to access using a tracked rig. Despite its small size, the Modular 100 is fully capable of conducting standard penetration tests (SPTs) and U100T sampling.

The rig is powered by a small portable hydraulic power pack which can be situated far away from the borehole position. The samples are jacked out of the ground using a 12-ton hydraulic jack. The size and manoeuvrability of the rig make it ideal for borehole positions such as within buildings or on steep embankments.

Features include:

  • The Modular 100 has been designed specifically for areas with difficult or restricted access
  • Fully assembled the rig has a mast height of just 2.03m and requires a good set up area of 1.5m x 1.5m


  • Window Sampling
  • Window-less Sampling
  • U38 Samples
  • U70 Samples
  • Casting up to 128mm diameter
  • DPSH (Dynamic Probing)
  • SPT (Standard Penetration Test)
  • Concrete Coring
  • UT100 Sampling


  • Mast Height (fully assembled) - 2.03m
  • Working area required - 1.5m x 1.5m
  • Total weight (when assembled) - 150kg

Handheld Window Sampler

Using a portable, lightweight powerpack and our handheld hydraulic breaker, we can provide fast, efficient solutions for window sampling on a wide range of sites with limited access. This handheld drill can also be used to break concrete or other hard surfaces to reach softer material beneath.

JBC Beaver powerpack:

  • Hydraulic flow 0 - 20 l/min
  • Maximum pressure 138 Bar
  • Petrol powered

The pneumatic drill is used to drive casings into the ground in order to retrieve window samples from boreholes.

The compact, lightweight and portable design of both the drill and powerpack make this setup ideal for a wide range of sites, including those that are isolated and difficult to access, with no compromise on the quality of the service we provide.

This service can be used to produce borehole logs, find groundwater levels and collect samples for laboratory analysis, providing valuable data from site investigation.

In-situ Testing

GGPGeo provides a range of services for testing the physical properties of soil. The results of these tests have various applications, such as the determination of the type of foundations required for a building of structure.

Mackintosh Probe

The Mackintosh Probe is a lightweight handheld device which can be conveniently used for the investigation of soft soil up to a depth of 10m. It can be carried and used in difficult terrain with poor access such as swampy ground.

The results of Mackintosh Probing can be shown to be both repeatable and indicative of soil strength.

Correlations can be established between 'M' and 'N' and also undrained shear strength for soft clays. This allows effective targeting of any subsequent boreholes or tests that may be required and also the interpolation of soil properties between boreholes.

Dynamic Probe (DPSH)

Dynamic probing involves driving a cylindrical fixed cone into the ground using a high frequency percussive hammer with a weight of 63.5kg dropped 750mm.

The cone is attached to a 1m section steel rod with a nominal diameter of approximately 35mm and graduation markings set at 100mm intervals.

GGPGeo uses our tracked heavy duty Dart Competitor rig for this application.

Blows per 100mm are recorded.

Further rods are then added and the process is continued until the probe refuses to penetrate the ground or the test reaches the required depth.

The results from this method can be correlated directly to a standard penetration test 'N' value. The results are plotted on a graph, providing a visual interpretation of the different soil strata encountered.

Shear vane

The shear vane test is an effective field method of measuring the undrained shear strength of a cohesive soil. The test is carried out with the handheld field shear vane. This consists of a rod with vanes mounted to it that is inserted into the ground and rotated. A gauge on the top of the rod measures the torque required to cause failure of the soil and provides a conversion to shear strength.

CBR (California Bearing Ratio)

The California Bearing Radio (CBR) is a measure of the strength of the subgrade of a road or other paved area, and of the materials used in its construction.

The ratio is measured using a standardised penetration test first developed by the California Division of Highways for highway engineering. Empirical tests measure the strength of the material composed to a known standard material (crushed California Limestone).

Traditionally CBR values were obtained either in the laboratory, or in-situ using an arrangement involving a small rig attached to the rear of a pick-up. We are able to provide this service using the Zorn Lightweight Deflectometer. This is a lightweight portable tool that uses a drop weight to measure elastic deflection of the soil or subgrade to obtain CBR values, which are recorded digitally allowing quick decisions to be made on site.

Diamond Tip Core Drilling

Diamond tip core drilling is the process of removing a cylindrical of concrete of masonry from the rest of a structure.

Our drilling equipment consists of a diaquip drill, and coring barrels of various sizes mounted onto a stand which can be arranged to drill both horizontally or vertically depending on the requirements of the work.

Using our lightweight, portable drilling equipment we are able to provide:

  • Diamond Coring into concrete / brickwork (Vertical and Horizontal) Floor slabs / Walls / Bridge Abutments and other structures
  • Turbo Diamond Core Drill Bits perfect for drilling round holes in a range of masonry including concrete and brickwork
  • Dry Diamond cores to be used when water cannot be used in the area

Turbo segments for fast cutting will withstand higher temperatures giving longer life to the diamond segments.

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